Whether you are an international consultancy or an individual earthworks contractor, we have licensing options to suit you

I have compared this product against the competition and found that it gets the same result at a fraction of the price.

Chris Jesse

CrossMar Investments (USA)

Kubla Cubed Professional has two different licensing models:

The most commonly used is the annual Subscription, which can be likened to leasing the software. The Perpetual license is a one-off fee to buy the current release of the software, recommended for those who require it only a few times a year. 

We offer generous discounts to those purchasing more than one license. Click ‘Buy‘ and enter the number of users to find out how much you can save.

We also offer annual Enterprise Agreements for companies that require a license for more than 5 users.

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Frequently Asked Questions

Can I upgrade a perpetual license in the future?

To upgrade an old perpetual licence of Kubla Cubed to the latest release (e.g Kubla Cubed 2015 – Kubla Cubed 2021) please contact us directly.

Perpetual upgrades are usually 50% of the advertised price of a new perpetual licence. The upgrade licences also comes with an additional years support.

What are the system requirements?

This is highly dependent on the complexity of the site you are working on and the amount of data you use to define existing and proposed surfaces. Complex CAD data and projects with more than 100,000 survey points can need more powerful systems. From our experience we give the following guidelines

Processor (CPU) Dual-Core Processor Intel or AMD Athlon @ 2GHz
Memory (RAM) 4GB DDR2 RAM
Graphics DirectX 9 Compatible Card (Note: This is standard for PCs manufactured after 2010)
Operating System (OS) Windows 7, 8 and 10
Hardware Mouse with middle button and Scroll Wheel
Processor (CPU) Intel i7 or AMD Ryzen @ 3GHz+ with 6-Cores
Memory (RAM) 16GB DDR3 RAM
Graphics DirectX 12 Compatible Card with 1GB of Video RAM
Operating System (OS) Windows 10 (64-bit)

Mouse with middle button and Scroll Wheel

Full HD (1920 × 1080) or higher resolution Monitor or Laptop Screen

Can I install on my Mac?

Kubla Cubed is only available on Microsoft Windows systems.   However, some users have had success using virtual machines or windows emulators like parallels ( to run the program.    

What is your returns policy?
We will refund any license fees provided that we are notified within 14 days of the purchase. In order to obtain a refund you must remove all copies of the software from any computers they are installed on.