Differences between the Lite and Professional versions
Whether you are using the most expensive program on the market or still doing project take-offs with a digitizer and paper, I suggest giving these guys a try. I can guarantee they will be the next big name in earthwork take-offs if they continue the way they are going.
Josh Marshall

Earthworks Director, Rock Solid Excavating (USA)

We offer two versions of Kubla Cubed. Lite is the free version, whereas Professional is a paid version. A summary of the features in each version of the software is given below.
General Software Features LITE PRO

Phased Projects

Divide projects into separate phases, to represent time, materials or anything else. Learn more

On-Screen Cut and Fill Statistics

View real-time cut and fill values on screen as you update your project.

Interactive 3D Views

View existing and proposed phases in 3D using the orbit and fly over cameras. Learn more

Topography Colour Keys

Shade topography using a library of different colour schemes or make your own. Learn more

Site Plans LITE PRO

Import PDF, Image and CAD Files

Import images (.bmp, .png, .jpg), PDF files (.pdf) and CAD files (.dxf, .dwg) for use as site plans. Learn more

Scale, Move, Rotate and Crop

Tools required to position and scale your plans for accurate take-off. Learn more

Stitch Plans

Stitch multiple pages of a plan together to form a single continuous plan.

Overlay Plans

Layer plans on top of each other when needed (e.g. the existing is one and proposed on another).

Editing Tools LITE PRO

Manual Tracing from Site Plans

All the tools required to manually trace project data from plans.

Extract from PDF Vectors

To speed up the takeoff process vector data can be extracted from the PDF.

Import from CAD/LandXML

If CAD or LandXML data is available it can be imported directly into the program without the need for manual takeoff. Learn more

Join and Split Lines

Tools are available to join and split lines. Dashed lines can often be joined automatically during import.

Existing Topography Takeoff LITE PRO

Define with Points, Contours and Breaklines

Use the Feature Surface element to define existing topography using points, contours or break-lines. Learn more

Define with Triangles

Use the Triangle Surface to define existing topography with triangles imported from another program. Learn more

Proposed Topography Takeoff & Design LITE PRO

Reduce and Raise Areas

Adjust topography down or up by a uniform amount, great for strip and respread operations. Learn more

Flat Area Design

The platform element can be used to design surfaces that are flat, used for building pads, garages etc. Learn more

Slope Area Design

Ramps, car parks and other inclined hard landscaped areas can be defined with the slope element. Learn more

Paths & Road Design

Roads and paths can be designed using dedicated linear path elements or contours, points and break-lines. Learn more

Trench & Berm Design

The trench and berm elements can be used to define by depths/heights from ground or another element in the projects.

Define with Points, Contours and Breaklines

The Feature Surface element is like a super element and can be used to define proposed using points, contours and break-lines rather than simple geometric shapes. Learn more

Define with Triangles

Proposed can be defined with triangles imported from another program. Learn more

Measurement Elements LITE PRO

Counts, Lengths & Areas

Count Items; Measure Lengths, Distances, Paths; Find Areas and Perimeters. Learn more

Volume Region

Query the cut/fill within a specific region. Learn more

Cross Section

View a 2D slice through the terrain to compare the existing and proposed surfaces. Learn more

Reporting and Exporting LITE PRO

Reports and Spreadsheets

Detailed estimation results can be exported to a spreadsheet (.xls) or report (.docx, .pdf) for further work, or for sending to stakeholders. Learn more

Images & Drawings

2D images of anywhere on the site can be exported to standard image formats (.pdf, .bmp, jpg). Drawings can also be exported to CAD and PDF formats for use in reports. Learn more

Export to CAD/BIM/Machine Control

Data from the project can be exported for further work in CAD or for import into machine control or BIM platforms. Learn more