In this session, we will be looking at estimating earthworks cut & fill volumes using Kubla’s TIN based calculation software – Kubla Cubed.


There are many estimating scenarios, such as trench back-filling, that require volumetric comparisons to be completed in a series or ‘cascade’. We will show you how we can accomplish this by separating topography into different phases. The surface defined as proposed on one phase is automatically cascaded down to be used as the ground surface of the next phase. Using this functionality, very complicated earthworks estimates can be calculated in one project.

We will also take a look at some of the other tools in the software and how they can be used, including: working with CAD data; creating cross sections; exporting TIN models for use in machine control and BIM software; and exporting contour lines and gridded data maps.

This session will be a webinar lasting approximately one hour with an opportunity to ask questions at the end.


The webinar covers:

• The advantages of using software to complete cut and fill estimates, including an overview of Kubla Cubed’s capabilities, features and tools.

• Understanding modern TIN and volumetric technology.

• Learn how cascading volumes calculations can be used to complete complex earthworks projects.