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All the latest updates from Kubla Ltd. Articles for Kubla Cubed (earthworks estimation) and Kubla Ports (design coastal infrastructure).

Kubla Cubed 2021 Launch | Thursday 15th July!

  The much anticipated Kubla Cubed 2021 is launching on Thursday 15th July! Due to a variety reasons, including COVID 19 disruptions, there has been some delay in the development and release of this year's edition of our earthworks estimation software, Kubla...

Watch Again! | DCW webinar on Cascading TIN Volumes

In this session, we will be looking at estimating earthworks cut & fill volumes using Kubla's TIN based calculation software - Kubla Cubed.   There are many estimating scenarios, such as trench back-filling, that require volumetric comparisons to be completed...

Register Now | Live Webinar – 27 May 2021

We are excited to be hosting a live webinar as part of the Digital Construction Week Fringe Series.   Find out more information and register here: https://www.digitalconstructionweek.com/events/estimating-earthworks-cut-fill-with-cascading-tin-volume-analysis/

We Were Nominated As A Top Startup, By Welp Magazine

We are pleased to have been named as one of the, "Best & Fastest Growing Civil Engineering Companies and Startups in the UK" by Welp Magazine.  You can check out their article and see the Crunchbase stats for yourself, by following this link below....

New article on pond excavation volume published

Find out how to find the volume of a pond by following our article. https://www.kublasoftware.com/how-to-calculate-the-excavation-volume-of-a-pond-using-free-software/ There's also a video to give you additional tips.   

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